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Please note that 'Vintage VIP are a separate company to ChihuahuaTown, please contact them directly with queries about their service. You can grab your Vintage VIP tickets on our ticket site though alongside your general event admission and any activities you wish to enter.

Grab pre-book tickets to access and enjoy time relaxing at the ringside, in our pretty vintage style outdoor area, where you'll find comfortable blankets to lounge on.


Pop into our beautifully decorated gazebo for some sun shade, you'll also find pretty hand-made Chihuahua gift items for sale!.

(Please note: we do not cater for specific diets or food allergies)

Access to our vintage VIP area is strictly by ticket only.(and tickets do not include general admission to the festival, please purchase these separately) Each person and dog each require their own ticket. Tickets are limited and subject to availability.

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vip 1.jpg

Human guests can enjoy a complimentary cold drink,and delicious sweet treat.
Our Vip area is designed with the pampering of our precious canine guests in mind.
Each can enjoy their own tea tray, containing a range of beautifully presented food and treats!

Please see our menu's for details of food.

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