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Our 2023 Pageant is back! Strut your stuff on the BIG stage this year, and show us your Drag themed outfits!


Why ‘drag’? We want to see sass, confidence and fearless embracing of your dogs fabulous self! Show us your uniqueness, nerve and talent!


We feel our pageants always embody this, but we can’t wait to see your interpretations of this theme! (And no, it’s not just about stereotypical gender swapping - although if that’s where the mood takes you that’s ok too!)


Show us glitz and glam with your own unique twist, and owners are welcome to dress allll the way up and join in too!


As always, this is a dressed contest; however an OTT bow tie or blinged up harness is enough if your dog doesn't enjoy big outfits! Contestants will primarily be marked on CONFIDENCE, so please remember, a huge outfit on an uncomfortable dog will do more to hinder than help!


How does the pageant work?


Step one: Enter your dog online via the ticket button at the top of the page!


Step two: Plan that outfit and get making or ordering!


Step three: Print out and fill out the pageant form HERE then keep it safe till the big day!


On the day: The schedule of the day will be available on the ChihuahuaTown Facebook page and also emailed out nearer the time. There’ll be schedules pinned up around the venue too! Listen out for the PA system announcements and we’ll tell you exactly when to come to the stage area and get your entry numbers (usually just before it starts)


How does the pageant run?

Your forms should give our MC/announcer all the information they need to read out as you walk along the BIG stage and down the red carpet to be viewed by our panel of judges and photographed by our resident paparazzi! Our staff will be on hand to show you exactly where and when to walk, and during the pageant intro, there’ll be a demo, so don’t worry about where to go and what to do; we got ya covered!

drag pageant.jpg


Except for when it's been ChihuahuaTown on TV of course...

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