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BBC are back!

Hi there pup lovers!

We got some FABULOUS NEWS today!

(some back story first...)

In 2017, our very first event sparked much interest with local news and caught the eye of a couple of BBC three counties shows too! Kerry took Barnaby the chihuahua to the station to be interviewed on the Nick Coffer show, as his mystery guest (so much fun!) and Justin Dealey covered the event on his show with live interviews on the day and telephone interviews that evening.

Back to 2018. We are getting closer to 'Chihuahuas in Wonderland' (chihuahuatown 2018) and more excited the closer it creeps!

We have some amazing things planned, some brilliant sponsors and hundreds of excited customers who've been buying their tickets since just after the last one!

Once again BBC three counties have noticed us and have asked if they can come along and record the day for a facebook video on their page! They also asked us to point them in the direction of someone we know that spoils their chihuahuas rotten so that they can get some 'ChihuahuaTown preparations' in action on the morning of. Of course we said we would LOVE to have them attend the day and cover it for us! (duh! its the BBC!) and we pointed them in the direction of the fabulous 'Chi Cartel' and their chi mumma Lisa!

So the Crew will be at the event, capturing all the best bits of the day and all the wonderful chihuahuas in attendance!

Please feel free to introduce yourselves if youd like to be a part of their little mini ChihuahuaTown movie!

Its all so Exciting!

Lots of Love,]


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